4 Easy Tips to Better Manage Your Bills

Paying bills and maintaining a steady process can be so hectic.  Especially with each of the bills being due at different times, for different amounts, and all in which vary from month to month.  So, if you are looking for small tips to making sure you aren’t charged those excruciating late fees… follow these four suggestions!

  1. Get organized. Begin with an overview of all your bills.  Make a list of all your expenses.  As you are making a list, make sure you include everything… mortgage/rent, electricity, water/sewer, credit card bills, internet, loans, car payment, insurance payment, etc.
  2. Itemize your list. While creating your list, include the time of the month each bill is generally due.  Organize the list as a checklist.  The first items on the list should be the expenses that are due at the first of the month, bills due mid-month in the middle of the checklist, and what isn’t due until the end of the month, put that at the bottom of your list.
  3. Create a schedule. Now that you have all your expenses spelled out and in one place, grab your planner and start putting those dates in there.  TIP #1: write “pay water bill” a couple days before the bill is actually due.  If you do this, you will allow yourself some time to pay the bill before it is actually due.  Don’t have a planner?  Use the calendar on your phone and set an alarm!  Tip #2: don’t set your alarm for a time you are unavailable.  Make sure the alarm is set for a convenient time so you can stop what you are doing and make the payment.
  4. When possible, streamline the process. Fortunately for us and the wonderful capabilities we all have in the 21st century, we can schedule our payments to be paid automatically.  So, if you have the opportunity, go ahead and setup your bills to automatically deduct from your account regularly.  Automatic withdrawal is the #1 way to make sure you pay your bills on time.

So, there you have it… I know that paying bills is not fun at all.  However, if you follow these tips, you can ease your mind and feel better about your expenses.

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