5 Mental Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Most of us focus on the outward appearance and tend to forget about the inside, but our mental health is just as important. Since May is Mental Health Month, here are 5 mental exercises to keep your mind sharp.

Research has shown that keeping your brain active can increase the vitality and possibly generate new brain cells according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Here are 5 ways you can keep your brain active:

  1. Play games. Even though playing games in a relationship is not cool, playing games, such as cards or board games, stimulates the brain. There are memory apps you can get and free online mind games as well.
  2. I know it can be hard to sit down with a book because you feel like you have so much you need to be doing. But carve out some time every day to read something that interests you.
  3. Continue to learn. Take a course here and there at the community college, participate in a fun cooking class or learn to sew at the local craft store. Not only are there always things you can learn, but it helps keep your mind active.
  4. Writing is a way to get in touch with your creative side and brings your imagination to life. It’s also very therapeutic. So, journal to start writing a memoir or a fun story you have.
  5. Talk to people. One of the worst things we can do is isolate ourselves. We need to verbalize and interact with others. So log out of social media or turn off Netflix and go hang with a friend.


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