Adoption: Links to More Resources

Thrive Women’s Clinic partners with other organizations in our community to give you the best care possible.
Below is a list of our adoption partners:

Adoption information and stories

Buckner International
Adoption placement, pregnancy counseling, and maternity care
5200 S Buckner
Dallas, TX 75227

Chosen Heritage Christian Adoption Services
Counseling, medical assistance, housing alternatives, adoption selection, and pre- and post-placement support groups
650 Big Stone Gap
Duncanville, Texas  75713

Gladney Center for Adoption
Housing, adoption placement, and pregnancy counseling
6300 John Ryan Drive
Ft Worth, TX 76132

Living Alternatives
Housing, adoption placement, and pregnancy counseling
P.O. Box 131466
Tyler, Texas  75713

Chosen Child Adoption Services
Adoption placement and pregnancy counseling
101 W McDermott Drive
Allen, TX 75013

Christian Homes & Family Service
Housing, adoption placement, and pregnancy counseling
P.O. Box 820886
Fort Worth, TX 76182


Below are links for maternity homes:
Christian maternity homes and aftercare

Father Heart
P.O. Box 131466
Lindale, Texas 75713

Hannah House
Longview, Texas

Mercy House
Southlake, Texas

Bridges Safehouse, Inc.
Cedar Hill, Texas
**accepts children with mom

Hope Mansion
Cedar Hill, Texas

Most maternity homes and adoption centers do not allow additional children to live with you while you stay with them. Most have after-care for several weeks following birth.

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