Adoption: Myths and Misconceptions

Adoption is often misunderstood and overlooked. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the topic, and for those considering making an adoption plan, there’s a lot of fear, too. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about adoption and how things really work.

Misconception: Adoption is expensive.

While it is true that adoptive families may spend a lot of money on legal fees, home studies, and other processes to prepare themselves to adopt a child, birthparents do not pay any fees or expenses. If you are currently pregnant and thinking about adoption, you should check out our list of adoption agencies, who will be able to help you learn more about adoption and find the right family for your baby—at no cost to you.

Myth: If I choose adoption, I will never see my baby again and will never know what happens to him or her.

As the birthparent, you have control over everything. You get to choose what kind of adoption process you use—there are three basic types of adoption, each allowing you to have different levels of contact with your child. Depending on the type of adoption, you may pick the specific people who will parent your child. For instance, if you go with an open adoption, you may be able to visit your child several times a year and have a direct relationship with him or her.

Misconception: My baby might end up in a bad home or get lost in the system.

Sometimes people get confused about the difference between adoption and foster care. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you have complete control over who gets to adopt your child and how much access you have to him or her. All the adoptive families are extensively screened by social workers and your adoption agency, so you can be sure you are placing your child in a loving and safe home.

Misconception: My child will grow up thinking I didn’t love him.

Placing your child for adoption is a loving, courageous, and selfless choice—it’s out of your love for your child that you provide parents for him or her. As part of your adoption plan, you pick people who understand this and will teach your child about the loving choice you made. Also, selecting an open adoption allows you to have a relationship with your child, so that you can tell him in person or in writing how much you love him and why you chose his parents.

Myth: No one will support me through my pregnancy and I can’t afford to take care of myself until placement.

Thrive Women’s Clinic is here to support you. We partner with other organizations in our community to make sure you have everything you need—if housing is an issue, we can help you find a maternity home or housing program to help you during your pregnancy; if you need prenatal care, we can help you find a clinic or a doctor; if you need emotional support, we’re here for you. You are not alone, and you have support.

Schedule an appointment today to speak with one of our counselors about your options and get more information about adoption. Information is power, and we want to empower you to make the best choice for you.

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