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Wade & Andy -Advocate & ClientClients are welcome to invite their partners to appointments to gather medical and scientific information about abortion, pregnancy, fetal development, sexual health, and more. Trained male advocates are also available for one-on-one consultation with men throughout the decision process and pregnancy. Client partners are also encouraged to attend Earn While You Learn classes to learn topics such as Practical Fatherhood, childbirth, parenting and infant care.
Guys 2016Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can be a time when it’s difficult to think straight and you immediately consider abortion, but here is some quick advice to better handle your current situation:


* Listen. This circumstance is not just about you, three lives are now to be considered.

* Remain Calm. We know that in times of stress staying calm is difficult, but she needs your support now more than ever. She may be the one who’s pregnant, but you BOTH are the parents and regardless of your relationship, your baby needs you.

* Talk about it. Not only talk with each other, but talk with parents, family and friends who can best support you.

* Gather all the facts. Get all the information and seek wise counsel so you can make the best decision for all of you.

* Express yourself honestly and kindly. Feelings of anger, fear and frustration are completely normal, but share those feelings in the kindest way you can.


* Don’t walk away. Running away will only cloud your judgement and make this situation harder for everyone.

* Don’t pressure her. Pressuring her will push her away, which could result in a decision you both regret.

* Don’t forget. You are a very important part of this decision. Listen to input and share your thoughts.


Thrive Women’s Clinic has many resources if she is in fact pregnant. We have a men’s mentoring program, as well as referrals to many helpful organizations. You are not alone in this situation and you won’t be the only one supporting her through this.

Ultimately, the decision is hers to make. You should be able to express your thoughts and feelings, but you should never force her to make a decision. Our trained lay counselors can help see that you both receive all the information and support you need, make an appointment here anytime of day or evening.

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