5 Tips to Know if you Have Crossed Over to Being Besties

You met someone at work or school recently who is so much like you. You have the same sense of humor, like the same music and have the same interests. For some, it’s awkward going from work associates or school peers to hanging out afterwards. There are so many people we know of, but how do you know if you are actual friends rather than just friends on FB? Here are 5 tips to know if you have crossed over to being besties.

  1. You go to the bathroom and get ready together so you can continue your very detailed conversation. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom. You also go so far as sharing text messages from your mister so you can get her BFF analysis and breakdown—what he probably meant, was he angry, etc.
  2. Hanging out on the weekends is a given. Where she is, you are. There is always an inside joke or two around that have you both rolling, while everyone else is left to wonder what they missed.
  3. You take turns in the mirror doing your hair and make-up together, following it up with a selfie where you both look good and choose a filter that enhances you both.
  4. You become an added member of her family and vice-versa. You both go to crazy family events and you don’t even worry about it because she loves you and can deal with family drama and all your baggage. Also, the first person called when there is exciting news—her—rather than family.
  5. You can tell her literally anything. Things involving your bathroom visits, periods, that you have gone a week without washing your hair, whatevs. Dry shampooing it like a boss? Now that’s a secret between you two and since she’s your BFF, she ain’t tellin. You can also PMS on her like a champ and she will just call you out on it, you will cry an apology and then the both of you will eat ice cream together while watching the Notebook—and crying.

Describe anyone? Let’s show some love for those friends that have your back.