Some Tips to Staying Physically Active During a Tight Schedule

stretching-muscles-579122_1920It is recommended that we get at least 30 minutes of physical activity, at least five days per week. Is that happening for you? If you are like most, finding time to do the things that are a “must” is tough enough—let alone, exercising. Here are some tips to staying physically active during a tight schedule:

  • Prioritize it. Of course, there are things that we do that are downright time-killers (i.e. sucked into hours of social media or FB stalking). So, what helps is to prioritize our schedule. Having crazy-good time management skills is the number one key to success in nearly every life goal. Get up an extra 45 minutes early for a brisk jog (it’s okay to sleep in your work-out clothes if you have to).
  • Schedule it. To be efficient in time management requires a good system for monitoring and scheduling your time. If you have a smartphone, use your calendar. It is completely customizable and can sync with your email account. My preference is digital, however, good ole’ post-its or a wall calendar will work too. For others in the house to be included, I may jot a note down on a dry erase board in the shared area. Figure out a system and put it in place.
  • Make it convenient. Being intentional about incorporating physical activity is sometimes all it takes. For example, a change in mode of transportation, time with friends or lunch break can become a convenient way to stay active. Some ideas:
  1. Meeting friends for lunch? Meet at Katy Trail for a walk instead or hang at the park for basketball or tennis.
  2. If you live near work, walk or bike there.
  3. If you work in a multiple floor building, try to always take the stairs.
  4. For your lunch break, drink a healthy smoothie and head out for a walk.
  5. Exercise while you watch your favorite movie or tv show.
  6. Curl the gallon of milk as you put the groceries away.
  • Do what you enjoy. Working on your fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Go biking, walking, hiking, rollerblading, walk the dog every day, throw a frisbee in the park—whatever equals fun for you.
  • Commit yourself. If you are dedicating a block of time for fitness, stick to it. Eventually it becomes second nature. If you are fitting it in where you can, little choices throughout the day make a difference. If you can create a habit of parking farther away while running errands or opting for a lunch break walk instead of the sandwich at the desk, for example—it counts.

It’s National Physical Education and Sports Week, so hopefully these tips get you going. Always be aware of your surroundings, stay cautious and carry your pepper spray.