7 Tips to Playing It Cool When the Heat is Up

Did you know that heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S.? Today is Heat Safety Awareness Day, so here are tips to playing it cool when the heat is up.

We all want more time outdoors when the weather is nice. Relaxing by the pool, biking, walking the pooch—it’s just good to get out. It’s also good to be aware of heat-related issues that can happen when we aren’t prepared or thinking about it.

Here are some heat safety tips while enjoying the great outdoors:

  1. Bring the water along. Staying hydrated is the main way to keep your body safe in the sun. Drink at least 4 oz. every hour whether you are thirsty or not.
  2. Be aware of heat-related warning signs and what to do. If you are feeling nauseous or light headed, that may be a sign that your body is overheated. Get to a cool, shaded spot where you can relax while sipping on water. If you start to feel worse, call for help.
  3. Invest in a cooling towels to keep around your neck when outside. A cooling towel or a personal fan work great for those outdoor sporting events.
  4. Wear sunscreen and reapply. SPF 15 or higher is recommended. Sweat/waterproof just means it won’t instantly come off, but it will eventually; remember to reapply every hour or so.
  5. Get out of the sun often. If outdoors, even when swimming, take regular breaks in the shade or inside to cool off.
  6. Check out the heat index. It feels hotter to the body when the humidity is high. So, in addition to looking at the temperature, get the “real feel” temp.
  7. Cover up. Avoid dark colored clothes and opt for loose fitting, light colored ones. Also, wearing sunglasses and a hat will give you added sun coverage.

Be safe while enjoying vitamin D and the fresh air! <3