3 Ways to Celebrate the Cancer Survivor in Your Life

National Cancer Survivors Day is coming up, and according to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, this day is a celebration for those who’ve survived, inspiration for those recently diagnosed, support for families and an outreach to the community. Here are 3 ways to celebrate the cancer survivor in your life.

There are 15.5 million cancer survivors in America. Help celebrate the survivor in your life by:

  1. Giving your friend a gift certificate for a massage or salon visit. Check out some Groupon deals to see about a massage, spa or salon visit gift.
  2. Hosting a party. Plan a cancer celebration party and invite all those who supported, encouraged and helped them along the way. Have everyone write a special message on a canvas or something that can be transformed into framed art centered around the date they beat cancer.
  3. Donating to a cancer foundation. A donation given in your friend’s name is a special way to honor your loved one’s strength and help others find theirs.

Not only is beating cancer a cause for celebration, but it is the opportunity to see how someone with a second chance at life, LIVES.

For more information on event organization, gifts, or downloadable social media graphics, etc. visit, www.ncsd.org. <3