YOLO… Fro-Yo!

kenney - dif in ice cream

There’s nothing like a frozen treat in the middle of a hot summer to really cool you down! We can all agree on that. Where we start arguing a bit is when we decide what frozen treat we want to enjoy. Do we grab some traditional ice cream? Perhaps a fancier gelato is what you’re in the mood for. There are those who say “they’re all the same thing” but those of us with more refined tastes know better!

If you want to dive into a deliciously diverse dippable dairy treat… look no further than this guide to assist you in your deliberating!

  • Ice Cream – This treat needs no introduction! A summertime favorite for generations, ice cream can be enjoyed by the scoop, in a cone, in a bowl, or slurped through a straw as a shake! 20% cream, 10% milk, 100% delicious.


  • Soft Serve – Perhaps this is a bit obvious… soft serve ice cream is ice cream that is soft. However it is different from regular ice cream in its presentation. Soft serve ice cream is dispensed from a machine that incorporates more air, therefore, the final product is not as hard as scoop-able ice cream.



  • Gelato – (My favorite!) Way more luxurious-sounding than just “ice cream”, this Italian treat is much more dense than regular ice cream. This slow-churned treat also has less fat than regular ice cream! So, you can enjoy it all the more – pinky extended – because… it’s good(er) for you!


  • Custard – Definitely not as delicious-sounding as gelato, custard’s key ingredient is egg yolk! The yolk is added to create a thicker final product.


  • Fro-Yo – Perhaps not as outrageously popular as it was a few years ago, frozen yogurt is still an awesome option for those wanting a frosty summer treat! So, as the name suggests, yogurt is added to the ice cream mixture which gives the treat a slightly tangy taste. Yogurt also contains probiotics that help aid digestion, so there’s that! Another cool thing about most fro-yo places is that they tend to have topping bars where you can add nuts, sprinkles, or whole Oreos to the top of your fro-yo pile!

That was actually much tougher than I thought it would be… now I want some ice cream! But, which one?! I think I’ll get some stracciatella!


(That’s just chocolate chip gelato!)