Healthy Lifestyle Tips

BOOM.  You turn 20 and all of a sudden it is time to start worrying about your health and making sure that you make the right decisions now so you can live a healthy life in the years to come.  It’s crazy how we seem to get ambushed right around that age.

Maybe it has to do with the “freshman 15” and people wanting to make sure that we’re in good shape to take on the rest of our lives?  I am not sure… but overtime, I have learned that there are a couple things that really helped me get on track to a healthy lifestyle, or through a “diet” some would say.

So, here are 5 tips to get YOU through a diet:

  1. Throw out the tempting food. Seriously!  Get rid of it.  And make sure you don’t buy it.  You can’t eat junk food if you aren’t around it.  This is the #1 key to success.  To keep things healthy, get rid of everything else.  Yes, unfortunately that means all of the sugary, but oh so good snacks and cereals.  I’m sorry… but it works.  I promise!
  2. Find a buddy. It is so much easier to eat good and stay on track when you have someone else monitor your success alongside of you.  Plus, if you fail, you have to answer to someone else, and that is not fun.  So, if you are competitive like me, this works too!  Right before I was going to indulge in bad food choices, I remembered that my partner ate healthy for that meal.  It always whips me back into shape and on track.
  3. Let yourself cheat every now and again. You are human.  You need a cheat meal here and there.  Just make sure that you follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time eat healthy, and then the other 20% allow your body to have what it wants.
  4. Walk when you are craving something bad. Thinking of ice cream?  Take a small walk and step away from your current environment.  Chances are, you were just bored.  If you step away and take a short walk and are still thinking about it… eat it!  And allow that to be your 20% of “not so good foods”.
  5. Remember that you are human. Don’t beat yourself up after one bad meal.  Truly, just jump back on the horse and tackle the next meal with a healthy choice.  You have to let your body have the foods it craves every now and then or you won’t be able to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.  You will have to slowly train your body off of the sugars.

You can do anything you set your mind to.  These tips helped me and I really hope they can assist you!