4 Key Reasons Sleep Is Important

As you know from last week’s blog, fall is here!  As fall arrives and starts getting settled in, we lose more and more daylight each day.  However, even though we lose daylight, that’s not always a bad thing.

While summer is hanging around, with the amount of daylight hours we get, we tend to stay busy and push off sleep because we want to be outside until dark each night.  However, as fall has arrived and plans to stay for the next couple months, it will start to get dark sooner.  So please, take advantage of the darkness and get back in the habit of getting a good amount of sleep.

Did you know that sleep is a crucial component to your overall health?  Here are four reasons why sleep is important:

  1. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain. Individuals with short sleep duration typically weigh more than those who get a substantial amount of sleep.  Did you know that one of the largest risk factors for obesity is not getting enough sleep?  It also just so happens that good sleepers tend to eat less calories than people who don’t sleep as much.
  2. Sleep refuels your brain. Since sleep refuels your brain, getting enough sleep improves your concentration and productivity throughout the day.  Sleep also enhances your memory and problem-solving skills.
  3. Sleep impacts our emotions. As you might already know sleep affects social interactions and, with a lack of sleep, it is difficult to interact socially.  I mean, think about it… if you’re tired, you are typically cranky, and thus not fun to be around.
  4. Sleep enhances athletic performance and fitness ability. Sleeping allows your body to rest, relax, and refuel itself.  If you are constantly working out, running, and exercising, getting good sleep is important in that journey.  If you do not allow your body to rest, you will only end up hurting yourself in the long run.

I don’t know about you, but these four reasons are enough for me to go inside earlier and get some good sleep.  And hey, I care about you too… get inside and get your rest!  So, for now, sleep tight. <3