5 Tips for Simplifying Your Life

Everyone is always looking for tips to save them money, time, energy, and stress.  So why not be proactive and do just that?  Here are 5 helpful tips that will simplify your life:

  1. Always have a water bottle with you. Staying hydrated is super important!  Not only is it important for your health, but it is also important for your skin’s health.  And, in order to stay hydrated each day, carry your water bottle with you everywhere.  You can’t stay hydrated if you don’t have water with you all the time.
  2. Clean out your closet. You know the feeling of looking at the same clothes at the front of your closet and never liking any of it?  Well clean out your closet then and remove the items that are at the front that you never like enough to wear.  If you clean out your closet, getting ready and picking out your clothes will be much easier (and quicker).
  3. Set a morning routine and stick to it. Any routine is easier to stick to when you do it for a while.  So, get started each morning by doing the same thing.  Get out of bed, take your dog for a walk, pour your coffee, do your hair, do your makeup, and out the door you go.  I understand if that isn’t your routine… customize your routine to fit into your morning, and hit the ground running each day.
  4. Plan your after work/after school routine. Yes, I get it… sometimes spontaneity is fun.  However, plan your night as much as you can beforehand.  Need to grocery shop?  What day of the week will you do that?  Planning ahead of time can save you so much time and stress.
  5. Keep healthy snacks in your bag. Whether it is your work bag or your bookbag, keep healthy snacks available at all times so when you get hungry you won’t spend money on something that your body won’t thank you for.

Everyone wants to experience a simpler life.  Hope these hacks are helpful!  <3