Love Yourself

This week we stood with girls all over the world for International Day of the Girl.  As Thrive Women’s Clinic strives to empower women – and inform, educate, and assist them with their health – this past Wednesday was a good day.  At Thrive, we love this international day, but we honor all women each and every day of the year.  So, since it was #FreedomForGirls day, and we love you for so many reasons, we want to tell you why YOU should love yourself.

  1. Love yourself because no one else is you.
  2. Love yourself because no one else has your rock-star, strong-willed attitude.
  3. Love yourself because wanting to be someone else is miserable and no one wants to spend their life being miserable.
  4. Love yourself because that is the #1 thing you have to do before you can love others, and before others can love you.
  5. Love yourself because life is easier when you work with what was given to you.
  6. Love yourself because when you love yourself, others feel drawn to you and will love you too.
  7. Lastly, love yourself because you have this wonderful life to live and you are beautiful, unique, kind, and smart.

#FreedomForGirls is about you.  And we care about you.  Visit us if you have any questions about your health.  All of our services are 100% no-cost and confidential.