Reasons to Be Positive

Positivity plays a huge role in your life.  Being positive has great benefits for everyone!  Even though sometimes things get difficult, and taking the negative route seems easier, it is best to always steer towards keeping positive vibes.  Here’s why:

  1. You will feel better! When I feel negative about things, I feel like there is a constant “cloud” hanging over my head.  That feeling really stinks.  I have found that turning my spirits around and trying to be positive about things has always felt better for me.
  2. You’ll be happier! If you are always negative and worrying about every single thing that made you upset, you will be miserable!  Focusing on negativity, who upset you, who you are mad at, who said something mean, etc… that is mentally exhausting and boy oh boy is that a gloomy life to live!
  3. You’ll be more motivated! Negativity does not motivate.  If you are gloomy, and the people around you are gloomy, there is a 99% chance that you won’t have positive vibes to boost your motivation.  And come on, who doesn’t love a motivated person?  Trust me… bosses like motivated people, and so do teachers!
  4. It truly does take more effort to be negative. Remember the whole “who upset you, who are you mad at, who said something mean” convo?  Goodness… that takes A LOT of effort to remember and worry about.  So, just don’t.  Ignore negativity around you and save the headache.

Positive people make happy people… and more people will want to be around you if you are shining with positivity!  <3