Brace Yourself: Finals Week is Coming!

To all our college students out there; we’ve been there. It can be super hard to stay focused and motivated with Thanksgiving Break arriving and leaving your life so quickly and finals week on the horizon, but YOU CAN DO IT! We’ve got some tips to help you stay encouraged and carry you through!

  1. Start your morning with positivity.

Google encouraging quotes, grab some dry erase markers and let your creativity shine all over that bathroom mirror! Every morning you’re bound to see it, and hopefully it will make you smile. Ask your roommate to take turns with you and be surprised half of the mornings about what encouraging message you’ll find!

  1. Don’t procrastinate.

Why wait to start studying for finals? Get a jumpstart! Set aside time each day for creating a study plan to brush up on your current subjects. Now is also the time to get caught up on any reading you’ve just been skimming to get by during the semester. [Yeah, I’ve lived your life.]

  1. Take care of your health.

You need to be in tip-top shape both mentally and physically to perform your absolute best on any test. Finals are no exception. Even though TV shows and movies through the years have normalized the picture of studying for finals as if you’re supposed to be without sleep for days, living on pizza rolls and stressed to the max is obviously not the best-case scenario. Eat right and sleep tight now, while you start your studying plan and continue that routine up until the big tests.

Don’t forget that you’ve already made it this far, and you’ll continue to do great things! I’d tell you “good luck,” but if you follow this advice, we don’t think you’ll need it! <3