When You Need a Little Inspiration to Keep Pushing Through

Life is full of heartaches and heartbreaks, and not just the relationship kind either. The “I just failed my chemistry test”, “I can’t pay my bills this month”, or “I can’t be pregnant right now” kind also really hurt. We’ve all been there at one time or another, facing some really tough situations. Whether it’s due to your own mistakes that caused the pain or pain inflicted by someone else, pain is pain. We all need a little inspiration to keep pushing through when life as we know it at the moment just plain hurts.

I’ve learned that when everything around me seems to be crumbling, it’s crucial to have positive and encouraging influences in my life. Sometimes that can be accomplished through friends and family, but they can’t be there when I’m alone with my thoughts. Because of that I’ve learned to change my thoughts.

Of course that’s easier said than done. It begins with little changes. Writing encouraging phrases on Post-It Notes and putting them where I’ll see them throughout the day has worked for me. I’ve also used dry erase markers on my bathroom mirror to jot down some empowering messages for me to see when I start my day.

Technology has made it possible to easily find material for inspirational messages that speak straight to you and your situation with a quick search on google images or Pinterest. Don’t overlook the opportunity to also save images as your wallpaper or lock-screen background! I’ve included a few that have worked for me. Blessings to you on your journey to better thinking!