Affordable Summer Trip Ideas

Summer is on its way.  We can tell by the warmer weather that is coming our direction.  Not sure about you, but we are excited!  The warmer temps, longer evenings, and more sunlight is making us impatient.  But we can do it, we can wait.  It will be here before we know it!

I think the reason that summer is always so exciting is because of the immense amount of time we get to spend with family and friends.  A lot of times, we take vacations with those people.  However, as we get older, and expenses grow up as well, sometimes it is harder to afford a vacation every summer.

Have no fear!  Here are a few affordable summer trip ideas for you and your summer-time folks while on a budget –

  1. Jump in the car and drive! No matter where you live, you can always get in the car and drive.  Sometimes a couple day road trip is all you need with your besties.  Sun in the sky, windows down, fresh air, and singing at the top of your lungs is all affordable and totally doable.  The only expense you will have is gas money!  However, if you decide to get a way and stay at a hotel, you might have that cost as well.  Sometimes time away is all we need!
  2. Hike or walk nearby trails. It’s a proven fact that spending time in nature and exercising can help reduce stress.  And if you don’t live near mountains or hills, you can find a trail and enjoy yourself just the same!  So, grab your water, gather your friends, and get your booty outside.  You are sure to forget about the outside world and feel secluded from your worries and anxieties.
  3. Lock yourself out (or in!) If you live in the country, lock yourself out of your house (not really, but don’t allow yourself to go inside) and enjoy nature to it’s full extent.  Pitch a tent and camp with friends!  Spend your entire day and night outside, relaxing, and hanging out.  If you live in the city, and camping isn’t an option at your home, stay in!  Open all of your windows so you can enjoy the sunlight and do all the things you love.  Light all your candles, smell the fresh air, watch your favorite summertime movies, and step away from the world for a bit.

Vacation doesn’t always mean leaving home and spending intense amounts of money.  A day or two to get away and rest your mind is all a person needs.

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to get away… just go!  You deserve it.  Clear your mind, go vacation, and return back home refreshed and ready to take on the world!