What Making Your Bed Each Morning Says About You

Was it just me, or did your mom always pester you to make your bed every morning, too?  “It takes 2 minutes!” “You aren’t going to get to go to that event you’re looking forward to if you don’t start making your bed each morning!” “I’m done buying you the things that you ask me to buy until you start taking the time to make your bedroom look better.” – Love, Mom

But really… when I was younger, my mom insisted that I make my bed.  And I just didn’t understand.  I always had the same response, “Mom, I am literally going to crawl back in it in 14 hours.”

Somehow, that was never good enough.

As I have grown up, and I have my own home now, I suddenly know what my mom was doing.  She wasn’t just asking that I make my bed… she knew that if I could make making my bed a habit, it would do so much more for me.  Here’s what making the bed each morning says about you:

  • You’re a very productive person. If you get up every morning and you make your bed a priority, instead of scrolling through your phone, you’re already off to a more productive start for the day.
  • You have self-discipline. If you make your bed a priority, you are choosing to spend 5 minutes of your morning making your bed instead of wasting those 5 minutes elsewhere.  Whether that be scrolling on your phone, or messing around in the mirror, or playing with your dog… you are exercising self-discipline and you’re conquering the necessary tasks before the useless ones.
  • You care enough about your mind, that you want to declutter it when possible. Removing clutter and/or the appearance of messiness, also removes mental clutter and messiness.  Make your bed.  Have a clutter-free room when you leave every day.  And in return, you will begin your day with a clutter-free mind each morning.
  • You’re prepared for things you don’t want to do.   Who wants to make their bed?  Well, I personally don’t know anyone… however, by doing something you don’t want to do, you are preparing yourself and getting in the habit of doing tasks that you don’t particularly care about doing… each and every day.

It all starts with making the bed.  Once you start making the bed, and you get the feeling of satisfaction first thing in the morning, you will want to do more to feel accomplished.  For example, if you make your bed, and there is a pile of clothes in the corner… if you make your bed and declutter that area of your room, you will likely want to have a completely clutter-free room, and you’re likely going to put your clothes away too.  Why only do half of the project when you could accomplish the entire things and feel so much better?

Just try it!  Make your bed for a day, then a week, then a month… make it a habit!  You won’t be upset you did!