3 Easy Tips to Tackle Spring Cleaning

SPRING CLEANING >> Everyone loves the first half of this word, spring, because we think of warmer days and bright sunshine. Yet we dread the second half of this word, cleaning… But why? Cleaning signifies a bright and refreshing start! Learn how spring cleaning can be fun and not so daunting with these three tips.


Create a Check List: Make a list of each room or project you want to accomplish, listing them in order of importance. Place your first priority at the top so it’s sure to be accomplished! Place a box or circle next to each item so as you accomplish them you can physically check them off your list. This helps you track your progress and you feel rewarded after completing a task.

Take Inventory: Be sure to go through your cleaning supplies before starting. Do a mental walk through of each room you plan to clean and think about what items you may need. If you begin cleaning without the proper supplies, this will force you to stop and head to the store. This will halt your progress and may interrupt your focus.

Set Your Environment: Skip the coffee this morning and let your environment wake you up! Open all your blinds and windows, let the sun shine through and soak up the vitamin D.  Then find your favorite music playlist and crank up the volume – you’ll be an unstoppable cleaning queen!


Room by room, line by line, your check list will get smaller and then all of a sudden, you’re done! What a great feeling of accomplishment. Now you can grab a refreshing cup of lemonade, kick your feet up and enjoy your wonderful clean home.


Happy Spring Cleaning!