SOHL Sunday Report

After your church presents Sanctity of Life Sunday, please let us know how the event went, people we should follow up with, and ways we can improve for next year. Thank you!
  • Did your pastor preach a pro-life sermon? Name of video shown? Guest speaker? Client testimony? Special decorations? Other organizations highlighted?
  • Pro-life message? Name of video? Guest speaker? Client testimony? Other organizations highlighted?
  • Who hosted the table? Were materials effective? What was the interest level?
  • How many people did you interact with? Names of people interested in volunteering? Leads Thrive should follow up on?
  • How can we improve this event? Materials? Resources?
  • Please send photos to

Sanctity of Human Life 2019!

Sanctity of Human Life Day is the closest Sunday to the original ruling of Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal in America. This year, Sanctity of Life Sunday is officially observed on January 20th, but is can be celebrated any time of year!

God calls us to value ALL LIFE! Thrive is a group of champions who serve women and men facing unplanned pregnancies and empower them to make life-affirming choices. You can join this work by taking time to highlight this ministry at your church and encourage members to get involved by becoming informed, volunteering, or investing financially through the Baby Bottle Campaign.

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy and fun way for your church or small group to support local families facing unplanned pregnancies. The Campaign provides significant resources for the women and men we serve.

  • We provide you with as many bottles as you need, and any other supplies you might like to tell Thrive’s story.
  • You distribute the bottles – one to each person, group, or family – to be filled with coins, cash, or checks.
  • After the bottles are picked up, we’ll count the contents and let you know how much your church or group raised!

Celebrating Sanctity of Life Sunday at your church? Please fill out this form and we will partner with you for a great event!

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Contact Julie at or 214-343-9263 with any questions.

The following resources available for your use. Please let us know if you need the videos in a different format:

Video – All about Thrive (3 min. 43 seconds)

Video – Alison’s testimony

Video – Tekla’s testimony

Video – Kate’s short testimony or Kate’s entire video testimony 

Video – Shenoah’s short testimony or Shenoah’s entire video testimony 

Steps to Success – SOHL

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