An unplanned pregnancy can bring about a lot of emotions and questions. If you are looking at abortion there are a LOT of factors to consider, such as at how many weeks pregnant can you get an abortion in Dallas? How much does it cost? Is it safe?

“I’m pregnant. I’m not sure what to do. I am thinking about an abortion.” If this sounds like you, here are some things you should know:

  1. How far along you are in your pregnancy determines which type of abortion you can have. For example, you can only take the abortion pill before 10 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Abortion is usually not covered by insurance. Many times the only exception is when the mother’s life is in danger or her health is severely compromised.
  3. You are required by law to have an ultrasound before an abortion, and there is a 24-hour waiting period after having the ultrasound before the abortion can be performed.
  4. At how many weeks pregnant can I get an abortion in Dallas? In Texas, abortion is legal up to 21 weeks 6 days.
  5. Abortion is not your only option. The best way to empower yourself to make the best decision is to educate yourself on ALL your options. Consider consulting with health care professionals that don’t profit off your decision to have an abortion. Our clinic can answer all your questions about abortion, parenting, adoption, and offer many resources. All of our services and confidential, non-judgmental, and FREE, so you can rest assured we have no financial benefit from your decision – whatever it may be.

From Oak Cliff to Garland and Irving to Park Cities, our four Dallas-area clinics will offer a convenient location for you. Schedule an appointment online now or give us a call today.

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